Course FAQs and Solutions

These are the top reasons for not being able to log into the course and other questions. Click one of the options below to jump to that section

Login with a Password, Request Password or No Magic Link Email
If you are not getting a magic link email or simply want to log into the course with a password follow these steps.

  • ​Go to
  • ​Click Courses
  • ​Right click "Log Into Course"
  • Select ​"Open link in incognito window" (New browser opens)
  • ​Fill in your email (use the same email ​you used to pay for the course - this is the #1 reason people can't login)
  • ​Click button "Log in with password"​​
  • ​Click "Create a Password (or reset password)"
Click "Create a Password (or reset password)
  • ​Fill in the information. You should get an email with a password to login, and you can use the same password over and over. Please check your spam folder if you don't see it.
  • ​Go back to the sign in page,, and enter your email and password.
  • ​​​​​Click the checkbox next to "Remember me" if you are on your personal device so you don't have to log in again.
  • ​If you don't see the course: Click "Courses" then select the course you want to log into for example "Blood Work Course Login"
  • ​You did it! You are logged into the course.
  • ​If you still can't get in contact us. We are a small office with a limited staff so please be patient with us.

Not Enrolled Error
This is a caching issue. You can clear your cache, but logging in with an incognito window seems to be the best solution. Please follow the suggested steps above for logging into the course.

step 2 error png
  • ​or you can click the three dots in upper right hand corner of the screen and select "New Incognito Window"​ and paste this link into the address bar at the top. to log into the course.
step 3  icognito png

Want discounted blood work that Dr. Ekberg recommends?
You can buy discounted blood work on

Looking for the Optimal Ranges Bonus?
You will find the bonus Ultimate Blood Work Course Ranges & Tracker inside the course’s Welcome section.  

Not getting emails?
Please check your spam folder. An email was sent when you purchase the course. If you don't get the email then log into the course. When logging into the course you can ask for a password reset. There will be a round icon with your initials that allows you access to your account.

Will the course expire?
The course will be available for as long as it is online. We have no plans to take the course offline, so you can watch the course over and over. We appreciate your feedback, so we can continue to improve the course.